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A bookstore? In Montrose?

Montrose has had some amazing bookstores over the years. Neighborhood bookstores where you could find a fellow bookworm, shop the shelves, and discover your next great read.

Bookstores really over discovery. Browsing the shelves and stumbling upon a book you hadn't heard of before. Being drawn in by an amazing cover. Seeing an author you like has a book you hadn't read yet. Bookstores also come with book staff, other people who love to read, full of recommendations and inside knowledge. Bookstores really are invaluable.

So, here is a little interview of my thoughts leading up to opening the store:

Are you scared? Um, I'm terrified. What if this fails? Bookstores aren't really the most THRIVING business in 2023.

Then why do it? Because I love it. Because I woke up one morning with a FIRE and just knew I had to open a bookstore. The practical side of my mind is saying, "because I had empty space in this building" which is also true, but honestly until I woke up thinking BOOKSTORE, it hadn't even occurred to me to do that in that space.

Were you thinking of a bookstore at all? Yes, but it was a long-term dream. I kept thinking "when Mauve is REALLY thriving, I'll open a second store." But, honestly, I'm now fully in the WHY WAIT mindset.

So, why a bookstore? Other than being obsessed with books? Because small towns should have book stores. Because I want to walk about and look at books. I feel like others probably want to do that too. But also because I love books. It's what I miss about being a librarian and working at Maggie's Books (remember Maggie's Books?). There is just something so romantic about a bookstore.

What will Curiouser Books offer? We will have new and used books. Our used books will come in via donations for local non-profits, as those sell we will get to write checks back to those non-profits who partner with us. We will have new books, discounted new books (more on that later), and be able to order pretty much anything.

So if I have books, I can bring them in? Yes! We will take used books and you get to choose what local non-profit those books will support. We will donate 40% of the sale back to that non-profit partner.

How are the non-profits chosen? We have reached out to several in the community, but they can apply here on the website to be a partner. It is pretty easy for them, they just encourage their supporters to bring their pre-loved books in, we do all the tagging, shelving, and selling.

Let's switch gears, how big will the bookstore be when it opens? We are opening small to give ourselves plenty of room to grow. Ultimately we hope to grow quickly to fill the bookstore space, but we are aiming to open with about 1600 books (which sounds like a lot, but it's less than you might think).

What are you most worried about? That people will think we are too small? That people won't see us INSIDE of another store. That people really just don't read anymore (I don't that, but that's what people keep SAYING).

What are you most excited about? Talking with other book lovers. Have a space that I would want to shop at. Really just being around the books.

When does Curiouser Books open? August 1st, 2023!

Anything else you want to add? That we are starting to accept book donations now, you can bring them by Mauve anytime.

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