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Book Review: The Fortune Seller

This one is going to stick with me

Actual stars: 5

Format: audio,

What I liked: This book requires you to slow down to enjoy it. I do love when a book does that. For the first bit I felt like I was waiting for the story to begin, but then I realized that this is the story and it was amazing. Rosie was amazing from the first moment. Annaliese was exactly the kind of character I want all books to have. Ugh, I don't know what to say without giving away too much. This story is the characters and these characters are 100% worth reading.

What I didn't like: I got nothing. I loved this.

Who I'm recommending this to: The people who like my favorites - Stiefvater and Morgenstern. Also people who like characters and a good, slow story.

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