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Book Review: The Forest Grimm

The Forest Grimm is a perfect title for younger YA readers or lovers of fairy tale retellings.

Actual Star Rating: Three Stars

Who will love it: anyone who loves fairy tales (with just a touch of danger), a little romance, and a fun adventure story. Clara is brave and determined to save her mother and everyone else who has gone missing in the Forest Grimm. Armed with a magically dyed cloak and a friend from the village she sets off on her quest. However, she has been told by the cards since childhood that she will meet an untimely end. Everything gets confused as they meet up with those who are lost, her feelings for a friend grow, and she realizes maybe she isn't as okay with her foretold death as she thought. A fun plus is that Clara has a "curved" back and a lift in one shoe, which is a nice touch for a heroine to have some different abilities.

We highly recommend this for younger YA readers or readers looking for less romance. Definitely recommend it for the 5th-8th grade crowd, but older readers will still enjoy the story. This releases September 19th, so preorder now!

My review system is as follows:

5 stars - unbelievable, I am still talking about it, a book I'll recommend to everyone and refuse to hear any critiques of it (these are very rare)

4 stars - better than a typical read, I'll keep reading the series, really enjoyed but there were some minor issues

3 stars - average read (my most common rating)

2 stars - I didn't enjoy it, but I finished it

1 star - DNF or finished but it was awful

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