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Book Review: The Book of Love

You have to go slow and enjoy this one.

Actual stars: 5

Format: audio,

What I liked: I love a good character and this book is packed full of them. Their development and ability to stand apart from each other is fascinating. This book is dense and if you aren't paying attention, you're for sure missing the best details I think. I took me over a week to finish it (which is long for me) because you just can't read it fast. I loved seeing these characters get dropped back into their lives and have to not only figure out how to exist in the world again but also reconcile everything with this impossible task of discovering magic.

What I didn't like: I really enjoyed this. It is dense. It is slow-moving. It is not plot-based. I did have to re-read the ending (and suddenly the whole title makes sense).

Who I'm recommending this to: If you loved "The Starless Sea" this is a good choice for you.

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