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Book Review: Ink Girls

Perfect for middle-grade girls.

I received a copy of this from Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.

Actual Stars: 3 (I don't read a lot of graphic novels, so I'll stick with an average star rating here)

What I loved: I love anytime publishers supply books for a needed gap. There are some amazing graphic novels for middle-grade girls out there, but not many and this one has a fun historical/people of color space that I think is fresh and new. I liked the adventure, the girls, and the art is fantastic.

What I didn't love: I'm leaving this out. Honestly, I've read so few graphic novels recently that I don't even know what I like and don't like anymore.

Who I'd recommend it for: 4th-8th grade graphic novel readers who like an adventure. Graphic novels are a perfect introduction for kids who don't already love reading.

My review system is as follows:

5 stars - unbelievable, I am still talking about it, a book I'll recommend to everyone and refuse to hear any critiques of it (these are very rare)

4 stars - better than a typical read, I'll keep reading the series, really enjoyed but there were some minor issues

3 stars - average read (my most common rating)

2 stars - I didn't enjoy it, but I finished it

1 star - DNF or finished but it was awful

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