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Book Review: Immortal Longings

What a difficult book to review. If you're looking for a Hunger Games read-alike for grown-ups, this is it.

Actual rating: 3.5

What I liked: I liked how much it was like The Hunger Games. I liked the aspect of "body jumping" and the complexity of life down in the city. I liked the twists and turns along the way, things are more complicated than they seem and it was good.

What I didn't like: the character development is average at best. So even though the book was exciting, I feel like I didn't get to know these people all that well. Even when things happen to the characters, you just weren't that attached to them.

I don't think there needed to be more than two POVs. I don't think it added anything but it made the beginning hard to follow and get into.

Finally, I didn't like the end. I knew exactly what was going to happen and I didn't like it.

Overall this was a good, quick read that I really liked (I know it kinda doesn't look like it, but I really did like it).

My review system is as follows:

5 stars - unbelievable, I am still talking about it, a book I'll recommend to everyone and refuse to hear any critiques of it (these are very rare)

4 stars - better than a typical read, I'll keep reading the series, really enjoyed but there were some minor issues

3 stars - average read (my most common rating)

2 stars - I didn't enjoy it, but I finished it

1 star - DNF or finished but it was awful

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