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Book Review: Curious Tides

What a book to start 2024 with.

Actual stars: 4

Format: Audio, (also available as a physical book)

What I loved: I love a good magical school story. Baz was my guy from the first page. This is plot based and the beginning was quick-paced and had this magical story element I loved, and then 65% of the way through it picked back up and went barreling to the end.

What I didn't love: there was a lag in the middle of the book. Because it was plot-based, it felt plodding, just a 100 pages that weren't doing anything. Once that was over, the plot moved quickly toward the end, but I honestly debated DNFing during the 55-65% parts. I wanted MORE character development and I would have loved more about the world, but in the end it was actually okay.

Will I continue? Yes, absolutely!

Who I'm recommending this to: People who love The Atlas Six, Harry Potter, and other magical school-based stories.

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