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Book Review: Belladonna

Actual Rating: 3.5 stars

What I loved: Death personified. Someone just told me The Book Thief is like that too and I loved Death being a character (I was also rooting for him to be the love interest from moment one). Aside from him, I can't say I loved any of the other characters, but the plot itself was very fun. I liked the murder mystery aspect, even though I usually don't, and how Signa kind of gets pulled into it.

What I hated: None of the characters were fleshed out enough for my liking. The book reads like Signa is a force to be reckoned with, but on the page, she kind of lets everything just happen to her. I would have liked more emotionality with the characters, a little more "show" and a little less "tell" about how they are feeling and what their motivations are.

Now you're probably reading that wondering why I'm giving it 3.5 stars. Well, the reality is the ending took so many twists and turns and I thought I had it all figured out several times. That made it well worth the reading.

What I thought of the main characters:

Signa: she is so shallow. Why does she do the things she does? How does she FEEL about them? We may never know.

Sylas: I trusted him only about 5% for most of the book.

Death: he is a cinnamon roll and I was fully obsessed with him

This is definitely a plot-driven story and I would define it as a historical fantasy/murder mystery with gothic flair.

My review system is as follows:

5 stars - unbelievable, I am still talking about it, a book I'll recommend to everyone and refuse to hear any critiques of it (these are very rare)

4 stars - better than a typical read, I'll keep reading the series, really enjoyed but there were some minor issues

3 stars - average read (my most common rating)

2 stars - I didn't enjoy it, but I finished it

1 star - DNF or finished but it was awful

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